Friday, 24 July 2015

1st week in Pattaya

I have been coming to the Land of Smiles since 2005 but finally decided to see if I could settle here 2014
Having gone through a divorce and many failed relationships, 4 children who now have families of their own and a  business venture that was semi successful I realised that is not a rehearsal but the real thing and I think many of you will be able to relate to this post, decided what the hell let’s do it
Like many of us, we may have friends in Thailand that have encouraged us to make that bold step and leave our dull mundane lives traffic jams, poor weather reports, boring jobs and worse of all not beautiful bossy partners or no partners at all have ventured to this point, or even thinking of doing so
The reality can be a little different when you are now not in Holiday mode but in reality mode
Suddenly things dawn on you can you live in a hotel or guest house for the rest of your time here, Can you go to the same bars day after day. How will you occupy your time from day to day.
I certainly have not got those answers but I do know every day in the last year I have woken up with a smile on my face. Now in the 55th year of my life I can truly say hand on heart it has been the best year of my long life
Initially I had to look for long term accommodation, It is not that easy. There are a plethora of Agents 1000s of rooms 100s of people giving you advice. In this case I Just went with my gut. I knew I did not want to live in Central Pattaya but wanted some place close by, Stumbling distance or no more than 100 baht motorbike taxi ride away from where I would spend a night out.
That’s when you realise that you have just left being a grumpy old man in your own city to a grumpy old man in a new city.

Agents I think part of their training is to just ignore everything you say be it a Farang or Thai. Whatever you ask for you will be offered nothing like it. However there are some excellent ones as well, who go out of there way to help you almost want to give them your business, because they have been so helpful. This will give you an insight of what is to come 

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